Neurofeedback enables better brain functioning in the same way that appropriate physical exercise strengthens the body.


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Often called “brain training,” these non-invasive treatments effectively treat mental disorders and are also used to improve performance for athletes and others who want to excel. Neurofeedback is the direct training of the brain, where one is able to monitor their own brain activity on a computer screen and then learn how to produce brainwave activity that promotes healthy brain function.

Neurofeedback benefits can be realized by individuals not suffering from any specific conditions but who want to experience better brain function. Improving brain function can strengthen academic performance, job efficiency, athletic ability and creativity. A growing body of literature has documented positive results from neurofeedback therapy in a wide range of conditions. Conditions that can be improved by neurofeedback and biofeedback are: anxiety, depression, add/adhd, learning difficulties, PTSD, insomnia and other sleep disorders, hypertension, stroke, chronic pain, asthmas and chronic fatigue syndrome.


New Mentality uses biofeedback techniques to control the body’s heart rate and breathing among other bodily functions that can impact an individual’s anxiety, mood and ability to handle stress.  Biofeedback is a simple process, in which you’re connected to sensors that helps the body focus on making subtle changes in your body, such as relaxing certain muscles, to achieve the results you want, such as reducing pain or anxiety as well as other physiological responses.

Through the training process of biofeedback you learn how to become more self-aware. Self-awareness improves your ability to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue and restore clarity, focus and problem solving.

Biofeedback has physiological, mental and emotional benefits for people suffering from many health related conditions. Biofeedback gives you the power to use your thoughts to control your body.


Biofeedback Assessments and test measures:

1. Physiological stress test– this allows us to see the athlete’s natural response to stressful situations and his/her ability to return to normal states when the stressing condition has ended. This is huge in peak performance because athletes need to be able to recover quickly after a mistake or during stressful situations.

2. Reaction Time assessment and training

1.CPT (Continuous Performance Testing)- we can combine reaction time data with EEG and physiology (mind-body connection). This allows an in depth analysis of mind and body activity during sports reaction time training.

3. Biofeedback Training

a- EMG biofeedback- provides feedback on muscle tension. This type of biofeedback work well for people with anxiety, stress and/or chronic pain.

b- HRV biofeedback- trains people to change the variability and dominant rhythms of their heart activity.

c- Thermal biofeedback- this type of biofeedback uses a person’s temperature to assess the person’s physical state. A drop in hand temperature can be indicative of a person being stressed and tense. Training an individual to control their body temperature can be essential in peak performance training.

d- EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback)- is a form of biofeedback, that enables better brain functioning in the same way that appropriate physical exercise strengthens the body. Neurofeedback is the direct training of the brain, where one is able to monitor their own brain activity on a computer screen and then learn how to produce brainwave activity that promotes healthy brain function.

4. qEEG Brain Mapping– quantitative EEG gives our board certified provider an idea of how the athletes brain is performing. It allows us to see what areas can improve and benefit from neurofeedback training.

5. Coaching– this component of the program brings together the mind/body techniques learned through training. This teaches the athlete how to use and harness the new skills learned.






  • Individual Counseling: A collaborative effort between the client and the counselor. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive and confidential environment for you to address the issues that are concerning you.
  • Couples Counseling: Is a therapy that helps couples – married or not – understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Couples therapy provides the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, solve problems and even provide strategies to argue in a healthier way.
  • Family Counseling: This is a type of psychotherapy that involves all members of a nuclear family or blended family. In some cases this therapy also includes extended family members. The goal of family therapy is to help family members improve communication, solve family problems and better understand and handle special family situations. These special situations include but are not limited to: death, serious physical or mental illness or child and adolescent issues. These situations are addressed to create a better functioning home environment.

qEEG Brain Mapping

qEEG Brain Mapping is diagnostic tool that helps our board certified neurotherapist understand brain function, the qEEG collects raw data of the brain. Also referred to as a brain map, it provides insight regarding different regions of the brain that are over-active as well as under-active brain activity. Universally, an over-active region of the brain can be identified in red/orange and under-active brain activity can be identified in blue/green.

The brain waves categories can be identified in the following detail:

Delta: Sleep and dreaming
Theta: Visualizing, daydreaming, creativity
Alpha: Relaxation and reflection
Beta: Mental focus and alertness
High Beta: Anxiety and compulsiveness




Understanding Neurofeedback:

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Our licensed clinical addictions specialists provide substance abuse assessments and counseling to clients looking for support with substance abuse and addiction.

We also combine our substance abuse counseling with our alternative treatments if desired.

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